Sports Week Recap

Our Sports Week has whizzed past in a blur of busyness, and it was just as lively and exciting as we expected it to be. It kicked off on Sunday, October 18th – and lasted all the way to Thursday, October 22nd , filled to the brim with opportunities for all the students. We booked multiple grounds for our students to showcase their talents in their preferred sport- be it basketball, volleyball, football, or any other sport which does not end with a ‘-ball’- and we were left astounded.

On the days of the events, the ground itself seemed to thrum with energy as all the self-made teams prepared for the highly awaited matches. Soon enough the exuberant atmosphere was filled with happy cheers. Not only were there team sports, but also ones you could conquer single-handedly.



The slots were available on Sunday, 18th October and Thursday, 22nd October 5pm to 7pm.

The slots were available on Monday, 19th October and Thursday, 22nd October 5pm to 7pm.

The slots were available on Monday, 19th October 5pm to 7pm.

The slots were available on Monday, 19th October 5pm to 7pm


The booked grounds were free and available to all students who wanted to give it a go! It was enjoyable, and more importantly, it encouraged all of us to try out a new sport, as well as be active!

Oh, but we aren’t done yet! We also hosted a global event! The global fitness challenge was a collab with the Heriot Watt Sports Union and aimed for a whooping 1000 hours of combined activity from all the campuses in the world. The challenge went on for the entirety of 7 days, from 19th to 25th of October.

The week might be over, as all great things come to an end, but it has left a mark in this academic year. As part of Sports Week, the Student Council has collaborated with Technogym to supplement in-person training for the Sports Clubs. In addition to that, the entire student body has free access to the My Wellness App throughout the entire academic year- which includes over 4000 online workouts!

In conclusion, this action-packed week ended beautifully and was full of merry memories that are bound to last forever, and has left us with lingering smiles and expectant eyes – waiting for what’s to come!


Alia Khan
Media Team