Watt Weekly #4

A lot happened last week, a lot of events were announced for this week. Bringing to you a summary of watt's up (yup, we aren't stopping the puns), let's begin!


Watt was up.

Last week, students at HWUD were given the chance to visit Expo 2020 to take part in a fun scavenger hunt, with exciting prizes to be won! We had a look at the submissions, and had a lot of fun looking through the photos and videos from all the participating teams. The winners have been decided, and they're announced here:

In the spirit of our Women in Sports campaign, experienced personal fitness trainer Amira Elshandidi landed conducted a training session on the 17th of February. She managed to bring about welcomed sweat and aches in our aspiring athletes, treated with candid laughs and chilled Pocari Sweat bottles.

The strenuous 2 hour long session was introduced with warmups, followed by sets of HIIT exercises, namely; squats and squat jumps, lunges, bicycle kicks, sit-ups and partner sit-ups.

Our energized attendees could soon share these drills in the warm-up routines undertaken by the respective Sports Clubs they grace as well as make use of them in their personal fitness!


On behalf of the Student Council, we are excited to announce the opening of applications for our next Student President 2022/23! Applications will close on the 28th of February at 3pm. Visit the home page to apply for the role. Some details to keep in mind:

  • This role is a full time paid position for a term of one year starting 1st June 2022. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication and creativity in order to lead the Council and represent the student body.
  • The role is open to all students. However, those in their final year would have to take a gap year as you can not continue to study during the time serving as President. 


Watts next?

Attention all quiz players and foodies! Prepare for an entertaining afternoon, powered by free popcorn and a menu curated by 1821 Cafe at their premises (Ground Floor) specifically for the Pop Quiz event! Expect to savor juicy burgers and hotdogs with milkshake combos!

Students needing a break from coursework and other obligations are encouraged to attend and unwind at the event.


Wellbeing Days is an event running over 3 days, and is currently in session! The event began with a fun candle making session yesterday, and a Sports for Wellbeing event taking place today! Here's what you can expect from the rest of the event: a video release today at 5pm (Instagram) and a Wellbeing Fair tomorrow from 12-5! Click here to register.



Clubs spotlight

As part of our Women in Sports campaign, various sport club sessions were led by female representatives last week! The sessions aimed at increasing participation of women, as well as encouraging women to take up leadership roles in sports clubs. 


Featured clubs (L-R): Cricket, Athletics, Dragon Boating

"Sally is caught at the site of her parents murder. Would she be able to get away with it?"
A play titled The Troubled, was performed by the actors of the Drama Club at Short and Sweet on the 20th of February.

The Drama Club has performed a total of 3 plays at Short and Sweet this year: The Troubled (this week), Tragdia (last week, in collaboration with the Literary Club), and The Postcard (performed on 29th and 30th January)




That's it from us this week, stay tuned for the next post!
Council Media Team



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