Watt Weekly #5

We're back (a little later than usual) with news from yet another eventful week!


Watt was up.

The council held a fun pop quiz held to spark some friendly competition amongst the students. The quiz questions ranged from games, food all the way to knowledge of the world itself, and it sure had a little something for geeks and nerds of all kinds!

The university spent a few days focusing on student wellbeing, with the Wellbeing Days event. Monday, 22nd February was spent practicing the calm efficiency of making candles! The day was devoted to making students enjoy and immerse themselves in the different calming aromas, and let out their stress, one drop of wax at a time.

Another very special day was the Wellbeing Fair, held on the 24th of February! The clubs put up tiny little fun stalls with activities to do, some of them were: the What Do You Meme game by the drama club, The student success advisor with question and advice chits, the ping pong basket ball and Polaroids! Taken to safekeep the memories forever.



On the 28th of February, we announced the candidates for the next Student President - Syed, Manasseh and Shabari! We're halfway through campaign week, with the candidates releasing their campaigns on their Instagram pages (linked above!).

The President Debate was also held yesterday, where the candidates answered questions from their rival candidates as well as students. Along with that were students cheering for their favorites, candidates cheering each other up and free ice cream! (let's admit it, that was the highlight)


The first International Day in over TWO YEARS took place on the 2nd of March! Heriot-Watt Dubai truly came alive with some great music and dance performances, colorful country stalls and students in ethnic wear! Stay tuned to our socials for more pictures from the event.


Watts next?

The year has yet again passed by in a blur - and the time has come for YOU to decide your Student President. The voting begins on 7th March at 9AM sharp - and your vote is necessary. The Student President holds an important position in your university experience, so it is important that you vote for a person you trust. After all, It's up to us to decide what's best for Heriot-Watt Dubai.

Another exciting event we have coming up is the Sports @ EXPO 2020! The university aims to reach far and wide, and what is better for that than the international EXPO in Dubai. 

A 5v5 Basketball tournament, along with Cricket Training is what’s planned, and the event - handled by the VP of Sports- Zain Kazmi, along with his trusted Presidents of Basketball and Cricket - Layba Syed and Gaurav Ratteshwar respectively, with collaboration with ESM will be held in the Mobility District of EXPO 2020 Dubai today!



Clubs spotlight

As part of the Wellbeing Days event, the Media, Literary and Fashion Club worked together to create a masterpiece that touched our souls. Through words and movements, the members braved the screen to portray their insecurities, and through it showed what true strength really is.

Shooting the video was a joyful- if slightly terrifying- experience. Behind the scenes it brought us together- and on the other side of the screen, we hoped it brought you together too.

Click on the image to watch the video

The Dance Club announced their dance crew, named- of course- the HAWKS Crew! Spreading the HAWKS spirit to the social clubs, here's presenting HAWKS CREW 2021!

The Boxing and Fitness Club showed us who’s boss when they released their exciting session reel through Instagram. The reel showed them training hard and burning off both stress and energy, one punch at a time! ( on the punching bag of course- we do not punch each other. yet.)

It truly is all about ‘Drive’ and ‘Power’, want to have a look?

Click on the image to watch the reel

Last but definitely not the least, the Art Club shared some beautiful cultural drawings from their International Day special session!


That's it from us this week, stay tuned for the next post!
Council Media Team



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