The Student Council exists to promote and enrich the student experience for all those who study in Heriot Watt University, Dubai (HWUD).

The Student Council is made up of various elected members who are responsible for each strand of student life. These include Sports, Academics, Wellbeing and the wider community. 

Below are the objectives of the Student Council as seen in our Constitution:

  • Promoting the interests and welfare of Students at the Campus during their programme of study, through representation, support and advice to the students;

  • Being the recognised representative channel between the students and Heriot-Watt University Dubai Campus, as well as Heriot-Watt University;

  • Providing social, cultural, and recreational activities and forums for discussion and debate for the personal development of the students;

  • Promoting social and academic unity among students of the University, both at the Dubai Campus and with cohorts of students in other locations.

Every student in HWUD has the right to stand for roles within the Student Council. Our Elections and nominations occur every year.

The Student Council is bound and expected to operate according to our Constitution and Bye-Laws. If you want to view them, Please Click the links below:

Student Council Constitution 2023/28

Student Council Bye-Laws 2023/28


We are your Voice. We are your Student Council.