The Vice President of Community & Events (VPCE) represents the student body and the Student Council in policy making, exclusively in student experience, activities, events and societies. They are also responsible for the University's events and activities. This person is elected by the students every year.

The VPCE coordinates all the events of the Student Council. This means organinzing and guiding our student volunteers and ensuring that all our events and activities operate smoothly. Additionally, this person ensures our events and activities are suited to the expectations of the student body. This means taking in feedback from the students and thus improving student life, activities and events.

About Me:

I am in my third year of under-graduate studies in International Business Management under the School of Social Sciences. The 2020 academic year is my 2nd term with the student council, in addition to that, my previous post as The Executive of Events has equipped me with plenty of invaluable experience and knowledge , and moreover presented me with a wider and better perspective on how the students invite our efforts to create a fun and fruitful learning space here at Heriot Watt University.