The Vice-President of Sports (VPS) is responsible for the Sporting experience in Heriot Watt University, Dubai (HWUD). This person is elected by the student body every year.

The VPS represents our Sport Clubs/Teams and ensures they are functioning appropriately and their voice is heard. Additionally, the VPS is responsible for promoting and creating awareness of sports to the wider student body. Furthermore, the VPS works alongside our Sports Development Manager to ensure our Sports Program runs smoothly.


About Me:

I am currently in 2nd year pursuing Accountancy and Finance. Being the new member of the council has given me the opportunity to be a part of a team that work towards enhancing the university experience. Having a special bond with the council members makes every lesson and experience memorable. Having the privilege of being the VP and  bringing a change in the field that I am most passionate about, is a dream come true. I have grown up engaging and improving myself in various sports. With the given opportunity and situation this year holds for us, I hope to grow within in order to give back a year filled with self development, skills, great experience and many more.