The Student President (a full time role), who is the chair of the Student Council, is elected by the students every year.

The Student President also sits on most of the high level committees of the campus. This to ensure that the opinions of the students are considered within the current University matters. Even if you are not a class representative or school officer, your opinion will be voiced through the student representation structure and general meetings. 

About Me:

I joined HWUD back in 2015, graduated in 2019 with BA in Business Management. I first got into the Student Council through HWUD's Music Club. Fortunately, I became President of the club and maintained the position for 3 years. Those years stirred a passion within me to support students and I loved every bit of it. Later, the opportunity of Student President opened up and I felt that this role would further allow me to support the student body, as well as add value to their student experience.  I am in my second and final term as the Student President and I am enjoying each and every moment.

In my previous term, I was aiming to unite the Student Council with the Student Body - through various activities and internal changes. This year, my goal is to 'Transform' the Student Council, its operations and how we interact with the student body. All this was apt with our Campus move. This year, I plan on re-establishing the foundation of the Student Council to ensure we represent the student body, and make sure you all enjoy the 'student experience' you deserve.  There have been alot of changes for the Student Body and for us as well, not to mention many improvements. As your Student President, I want to transform and establish your council to ensure we represent you in our new venture and home.

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