The Vice-President of Wellbeing (VPW) is responsible for creating awareness as well as promoting student wellbeing to the student body. This person is elected by the student body each year.

The VPW is responsible for promoting our Wellbeing Services, as well working with the University's Wellbeing Advisors to ensure the student body is aware of the wellbeing services. Furthermore, all our Social Clubs are represented and managed by the VPW , who ensures that their feedback and voice is heard.

About Me:

Hi, I’m Shree Lakshmi ! I’m an 3rd year IBM student. Few of the things I am in charge of is to guide the students to the right wellbeing related channels, planning fun and engaging activities/events related to wellbeing for the student body, collaborating with our wellbeing advisors team and finally I’m also in charge of the social clubs and working as the link between the clubs and the student council 

My primary objective this year is to make wellbeing as prominent as the other committees of the student council. I am someone who has had experience working as the executive of wellbeing the previous year and being elected again this year for a similar post has only helped me become better. My focus is to avoid previous mistakes and make the future experience smoother and better for everyone especially with the shift to our new campus, a new journey.

Thank you!