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Sport & Physical Activity FAQ’s  

September 2021


Do I need to wear a face mask when I train? 

All players must wear a face mask prior to enterring the field of play. Howevber, masks can be removed during exercise.  

Can we organize a sports event or tournament? 

Yes. Whilst following KHDA and Dubai sProts Council Guidelines, we are permitted to orgnaiuse internal sports events and tournaments.

Can we participate in externally organized events & tournaments? 

Yes. KHDA have given approval for our sports clubs to attend externally organized events. You must infnorm the Sports Development Manager of any events or tournaments you intend on participating in.  

Can I get changed at the facility?  

No, changing rooms will not be available and you are asked to come to your session in your training gear. 

Are Washrooms & Toilets open at the facility? 

Yes. Washrooms/Toilets are permitted to be open and they will be cleaned and sanitized regularly by the facility management company.  

Can I shower at the facility? 

No. Shower rooms are not permitted. 

Is transport provided to the training facility? 

No.  We will not provide buses to training, transportation is managed by the club presidents. They will inform you how this works once you a member of the club.  

What if I start to display Covid-19 symptoms? 

You must self-isolate and inform the Club Committee president, Sports Development Manager (SDM) and University immediately.  

What happens if I test positive for Covid-19? 

You must inform the Club Committee president, Sports Development Manager (SDM) and University immediately with the details of the session you attended. The University and SDM will then contact all participants in that session and tell them to self-isolate.  

I live in Abu Dhabi, can I still take part in sports club training? 

Yes.  However, it’s the students’ responsibility to manage any access restrictions from Abu Dhabi. 


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