The Beginning of a New Era

We started this year off as we usually do, with our Fresher’s week. This year however, it was ALL online. The student council adapted and improvised with the current situation and did their best to make sure that our freshers enjoyed themselves and that nothing was compromised.

Fresher’s Week was kicked off with the introduction of the student council where Shree Lakshmi, Vice-president of wellbeing; and Manasseh, Vice-president of community and events, went live and answered a few questions. On the 9th of September is when the real fun began, from the council introducing themselves (yet again) and giving us a tour of our interim campus, to Freshers Got Talent, club sign ups and even the scavenger hunt!

Each member of the student council introduced themselves through Instagram lives and online Teams meeting. During which, they made sure that each student could familiarize themselves with the council and more or less wanted to convey that, although the titles they hold might sound intimidating, the person holding it.…. not so much.

After which Fresher’s Got Talent took place. The event was covered by both, seniors and freshers themselves where they portrayed a plethora of talents namely singing, dancing, instrumentals, acting, and painting. To say that each participant outdid themselves would be an understatement!

You can watch the entire livestream by clicking here.

Then came the club sign ups. Each club was given their own platform via teams to introduce themselves and represent their clubs. Here, the freshers were informed about the range of clubs our university has, the roles they play and the events they plan on conducting. A few clubs even carried out activities to communicate better with the new members. Everything went as planned and smoothly!

To top it all off, the day ended with a scavenger hunt. On a typical yearly basis, ‘scavenger hunt’ was used to familiarize the freshers with the campus, but since this year is far from typical, things were done quite differently! This year the scavenger hunt was an online event that took place for about 30 minutes where the participants had to find clues, decode messages and complete the tasks given. The winner of the hunt was given a 100dhs amazon gift card.

Although things are MUCH different this year and is a totally new concept for all of us, the council, the clubs, and the students themselves, made sure that our freshers would not miss out on the fun


Merietta Susan Thomas
Media Team