For those who'd rather dance with words. The Literary Club is a haven for a world of literary thoughts on novels and prose, poetry, music, art, plays as well as film. 

It is a family that takes each other on trips to new dimensions of everyday life, sharing literary thoughts on absolutely anything. Not everyone has to be an avid reader to appreciate literature in life, nor does one have to be a specialist in the subject. The Lit Club is open to all minds, all those that would like to take at least a peek at how ink is integrated into our lives, in the page and within the clouds we see every morning.

Want to take more than just a peak? Take part in our club activities available to you as a Heriot-Watt Dubai student regardless of whether you are a club member or not! These club activities are a way for you to get your hands in some ink and share the colours you make! You can keep track of these activities by visiting our social media, or through the Student Council website!

Odyssey is the official Lit Club magazine, open to all Heriot-Watt University Dubai students. Take a minute to relate by sharing your words or unwind with the infinite array of others' discussions and opinions on favourite books and collections of original poems and stories. If you would like to share your work, email The Lit Club at hwud-lit@hw.ac.uk in order for your work to be put up on our social media, magazine, or both!

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