Here's a little info we may partake on you avid Gamers and Otakus interested in our club :)

Welcome one, welcome all, to the Anime and Gaming Club where you’ll find many members both new and old that share interests with similar experience and knowledge, giving everyone a sense of camaraderie. 

Moving into our new year there will be no shortage of such compassion within our awesome community of like-minded people. At our club, we’re filled with laughter, tears, competitiveness and sheer rage for our fellow gamers. 

Our intent is to promote the culture of Anime and Gaming and enlighten those unaware into a world of fantasy giving them a chance to understand what truly defines anime and gaming, as their own and collectively. Meanwhile, providing a safe community for those with these interests while giving them a chance to experience anime and gaming without limits.

The AGC has been known for hosting the most killer tournaments between universities and within Heriot-Watt itself, notably the games hosted were: COD: Warzone, CS:GO, Rocket League and quite possibly our biggest success in Valorant. 

Thus providing us with the means to win the award for the Best Social Club of the AY 2020-2021, that was a pog moment.
This year we hope to have the same successes and more with the opportunities of on-campus sessions. 


So together let’s make this a great one and make even more amazing memories this year! Let’s take the AGC to the top once again! 


Signing off, from R and K: 

Finally, and yet again, we look forward to meeting all you new folk.Sayonara and see you guys very soon :)

Kris Fernandes

Shakib Usman

Social Media Representative
Dhruv Bhatkal