Art is a powerful medium for imagination, representation, expression, collaboration, and innovation.

The Art Club is where students come together to fuel their creativity regardless of their skill level and where there's no right way to be creative.

Join us to learn about different types of art, make your own art and express yourself!

We also provide tons of opportunities for students to showcase their work through our competitions and events.

The club aims to make various forms of art more accessible to students, so they can learn from each other and discover their inner artists.

As the new academic year of 2022-23 begins, our club plans to bring more exciting, innovative, collaborative & artistic ideas, events, and competitions.

As the new leaders, we organize and encourage students to participate while we are also learning to be better artists.

Meet Our Leaders Of 2022 - 2023


Janna Khalaf




Sanjana Sundararaman



Social Media Representative