Badminton is an easy-to-learn sport and here at the Badminton Club, we work together as a team to get everyone to perform to their maximum potential. The Badminton Club is a popular sports club of the University and is open to everyone regardless of their experience in this sport.

We have both, focused team-training sessions for the university team, and general sessions that are open to all club members. We also hope to conduct intra-club tournaments that would be open to all the members to participate.

The Badminton Club is a great way to socialize and meet new people who love and play the same sport as you do.

A newbie or a professional player, you can always find a place in the badminton club.



Dhruv Raghu

Vice President:

Svedha Ashok

Social Media Rep:

Numa Sayeda

Training Schedule will be updated soon