Dragon boating is the only water sport club offered at Heriot-Watt University which enables participants to get a unique rowing experience. It is a team sport involving up to 20 paddlers that need to be in perfect coordination and sync to propel the boat forward from a starting point to a finish line in the fastest time. The Dragon Boating club has two practice sessions in a week, held on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings at a fixed location near Dubai Festival City. These sessions include warm-ups before the session, training to improve coordination, technique, and pace while learning various rowing techniques thereby preparing the team for races. The club participates in multiple races all over U.A.E throughout the year with an excellent record in the previous years. All the equipment required is provided to participants which will be used for rowing and safety purposes. Making sure each and every member gets equal opportunity to participate in various activities is the club’s top focus and is done by focusing on each and every participant at the individual level and improving their rowing techniques. By doing so we aim at building an excellent team that will have the ability to excel at the university level as well as corporate level. Each boat has a mix of experienced seniors and talented freshers, which helps the freshers develop their rowing technique and gain experience with the seniors.

Ayush Khanchandani

Vice President
Vanshaj Kaul

Training Schedule





Dubai Canal

7.00 AM - 10.00 AM


Dubai Canal

4.00 PM - 7.00 PM


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