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-Home for everyone with a love of the beautiful game-

The Football Club was one the first club to be formed when the university was founded and has since developed into one of the top football teams in Dubai University level, both in men’s and women’s.

Our essence is to serve as a ground for players with a desire to play the sport while having a shared vision and unified goal of improving the community through the common bond of football.

We take pride to always do our best, to support/respect one another, and most importantly, teamwork on and off the field.

So, what are you waiting for?


For any queries, please reach out to us through our Email or Instagram.

President              Vice President                              

Athea Baleos | abb13@hw.ac.uk        Arunima Kumar | as2135@hw.ac.uk 

TEAMS Training Schedule

Day Facility Time
Monday GEMS Winchester School - Dubai 7pm - 9pm
Wednesday GEMS Winchester School - Dubai

7pm - 9pm


OPEN Play Sessions

Day Facility Time
Monday DKP Football Field 7:30pm - 9pm
Wednesday DKP Football Field

4pm - 5:30pm


To signup for Training: CLICK HERE 



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