This year, we’re all about Showcasing you!!



Unleash Your Musical Potential

Our Music Club is a haven for all those who believe in the transformative power of music. We welcome diversity in all sorts of musical genres and skill levels, making it easy for you to explore, create, and collaborate with like-minded individuals!

A Community That Inspires

What sets the Music Club apart is the sense of community we foster. Music lovers from various backgrounds come together to create something beautiful. Through our jam sessions, workshops, and performances, you'll not only hone your musical abilities but also forge lasting friendships! Our club is a supportive space where you can learn and grow as a musician while enjoying the journey.


Dive into a World of Musical Adventures

We organize regular events, open mic nights, and showcases where you can showcase your talents or simply soak in the melodies. We have plenty in store for you over the next year, so stay tuned on our socials to join our events and sessions when they’re announced!

Join us in celebrating the art of sound and let the music bring us closer together. Discover the symphony of life at our Music Club. 


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Meet the Team!



Shane Menezes (sdm5@hw.ac.uk)

Vice President:

Joann Gallyot (jng2000@hw.ac.uk)


Aryan Prashant (ap2086@hw.ac.uk)

Social Media Representative:

Siri Pallapu (scp2000@hw.ac.uk)



Check Some of Our Past Events!


The Campfire

Jash 2023



Wattfest 2023



Jashn 2022



Wattfest 2022 @ Expo


International Day


Expo Performance at the UK Pavilion




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