The facilities will allow us to open up new opportunities and events to engage with the wider student population. In addition to our current sports clubs and initiatives, we are committed to ensuring the opportunity to take part in sport and physical activity is available for all.

In order to foster an environment where; students can build friendships, easily access facilities and engage with the wider student population, whilst focusing on the greater goal of enhancing the student experience, we have grouped together club training where possible to achieve our goals whilst also cultivating a sense of community and belonging.

Access to these facilities will enable us to provide greater sporting opportunities whilst also providing the ability to expand our current sporting provision. They will also provide a significant sense of belonging and collaboration allowing the students to feel that they are part of a bigger community which will be achieved through seeing their peers training at the same facility throughout the week.

The facilities will allow us to bring our strategy to life through focusing on our vision and key themes and outcomes; Student Development, Profile & Relationships, Participation and Health & Well-being. Creating the right environment will allow us to be accountable to our strategy ensuring we are delivering an excellent service for the growth of student sport.