Welcome Back

Welcome to your Student Council. We represent the student body of HWUD (Heriot-Watt University, Dubai) in areas such as Academics, Wellbeing and the wider Community, through events and activities.  You will get to know more of us as the year progresses but I thought I could give you a brief update on what’s been happening.

The University had to transition to Distance Learning back in March, which completely changed our plans and activities. We were pushed into a new environment where we had to find a way to connect with you all. It was not an easy task as we ourselves were still coping with the global pandemic but with every obstacle, we need to find a solution right ?  

With support from you, the student body, we were able to host various campaigns and activities - starting with our Student Elections. For the first time ever, we hosted our Student Elections online - which surprisingly received the most engagement as compared to our previous elections. We finally secured the team that would be responsible for making your student experience memorable.

Furthermore, we saw an increase in cross campus collaboration. We were able to connect with our counterparts in Edinburgh (Union) and Malaysia (Association) even more than usual. We do intend to collaborate in our activities and events, so staytuned for that !

And ofcourse, our multiple campus change. The University secured a temporary/Interim Campus for Semester 1. This campus enables us to have in person classes / Labs and certain student services, such as Library and DSSC (Dubai Student Service Center).  This is temporary ofcourse as our new home awaits in 2021, which I am sure everyone is excited for. Unfortunately I can only enjoy it for  a few months as this would be my last year as your Student President - BUT I will enjoy every bit of my time with you guys !!

It is a tough year and we will not deny that the Student Council as well as the University had gone through its challenges. However, we are still pushing through to ensure you all get the student experience you deserve. We have some exciting activities in store for you, and our Social and Sports Clubs are gearing to resume their sessions. On the academic front, our School Officers are prepped to ensure they represent you in your courses and they will also be electing Class Representatives for each course. 

Despite the challenges, we are truly looking forward to transforming and enriching your Student Experience. We have much more to accomplish and establish and I believe this is a prepping time for all of us. We hope to meet some of you in the Interim Campus, furthermore this website will also allow you guys to stay connected with us !! 



Soehl Abraham