PS5 Booking

Feeling bored while you wait for your next class ? Pass time by playing with your friends on our PS5 !!

Our Games include:

- FIFA 2023

- NBA 2K22

- Mortal Kombat 11

- UFC 3

- Jumpforce

  • Timings:

10 AM - 4 PM

  • Price:

5 DHS per person for 30 Mins

  •  How do I Book ?

  1.  After you click 'Book Appointment', please select 'PS5 Booking'.
  2.  Then select 'Student Council' as the team member.
  3.  Select the suitable time.
  4.  Once the time is chosen, please show the email confirmation to the Staff members at Student President's Office (1st Floor, Student Hub)

**One Person will need to book only

 Please CLICK HERE to book a timeslot:

**If you are using the App, PRESS & HOLD the 'Click Here" link for it to open.