What is SOTY?

Student of the Year, often referred to as SOTY, is a year-long initiative organised by the Student Council. Its primary objective is to create an all-encompassing platform that not only empowers students to enhance their skill sets and nurture personal development but also bolsters engagement within the Student Council itself.

SOTY (Student of the Year) offers a diverse range of events, including the Academic Tournament, Watt Got Talent, and Watt Olympics.

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Academic Tournament: The Academic Tournament is an exhilarating and skill-enhancing experience for students. It encompasses thrilling trivia challenges and creative business proposals, providing an opportunity to enrich your knowledge, teamwork skills, and public speaking abilities. This event also offers networking opportunities, recognition, and personal growth, making it an essential part of any student's well-rounded academic journey.

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Registration Deadline: Thursday, 12th October at 11:59PM. 

Watt Got Talent: Watt Got Talent is an evening dedicated to celebrating the vibrant community of Heriot-Watt University. This platform shines a spotlight on the extraordinary talents of Heriot-Watt students, offering a unique opportunity to showcase their skills and passions for the very first time.

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Watt Olympics: Watt Olympics is an Intra-University Sports Day inspired by the Olympics. It serves as a grand sporting event that brings together the entire university community to celebrate athleticism and teamwork in a spirit of unity and camaraderie.


What’s in it for the winners?

The top 10 students who successfully excel in the events will have the unique opportunity to visit the Edinburgh campusfor one week. During this enriching experience, they will immerse themselves in a new culture, explore the rich history of Heriot-Watt, and gain firsthand insights into the campus life. This special excursion is scheduled to take place on the starting of April. Notably, the university will fully cover* the expenses for the top-ranked student, while the remaining students in the top 10 will have 50%* of their trip expenses covered. 


The student with the highest points will be awarded the prestigious 'SOTY' Trophy. Their name will be engraved on the trophy plaque, and the trophy will be prominently displayed in the reception area for all to see.

*Terms and conditions apply

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