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It's been a great start to the academic year! Some of the highlights from the Student Council over the past two weeks include events from Freshers Week (Council Introduction, Club Signups, Online Scavenger Hunt) and a Mindful Art workshop conducted in collaboration with the Psychology Society! Now, moving on to recaps from our Clubs, that are an integral part of student life.


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Social Clubs Sports Clubs
Anime and Gaming Club Athletics Club
Art Club Badminton Club
Dance Club Cricket Club
Drama Club Dragon Boating Club
Fashion Club Football Club
Lit Club Table Tennis Club
Media Club Tennis Club
Music Club Volleyball Club




The AGC hosted an un-official session where club members engaged in a couple games of Skribbl. The session was filled with jokes, fun and confusion as members new and old got to engage in a fun activity while getting to know each other.



Near the end of the first week, to take a breather the club had its first Movie Night, where they watched Monsters University and Thor (2011). This first week also brought to light what the fresher’s thoughts and feelings were getting into university and what their expectations of the future ahead for them would be like.



Athletics Club


The Athletics Club received around 40 signups during Club Signup Day. All the queries were answered and cleared by the athletics council. Training sessions will be starting soon on Sunday’s and Wednesdays at 7pm-8.45pm in Dubai American Academy, and they look forward to meeting everyone!





Art Club


The Art Club welcomed 56 new members! In addition, the club started the first art event of the year "Inktober" where 31 artists from Heriot-Watt will be collaborating to complete the challenge together during the month of October!






The Badminton Club signups were a huge success with around 160 sign ups! Their club sessions will be taking place in GEMS Al Barsha National School on Thursdays, from 6pm-8pm.

Click on the picture to view a reel from the club, a 2020-21 wrap up.





The Cricket Club had a big number of students participating in this taster session. With the club council preparing to form a girls team as well this year, they received a great turn out of girls during this session too!






The Dance Club filmed a fun video for Instagram reels with three members from the club.

Click on the picture to view the reel





The Dragon Boating Club started the week with lots of sign ups…152 to be exact. The club has been in touch with their members through WhatsApp groups for announcements and to socialize! This week they also started sessions for the existing members on Wednesday and Saturday morning.






The Drama Club is hosting a script writing competition in collaboration with the Literary Club! The submissions are open till 1st October, click on the poster to sign up.


Additonally, to promote the presence of social clubs in Heriot Watt University, the club has started working on a major film project in collaboration with other social clubs!




The Fashion Club introduced all members to the club and discussed events planned for the year on Teams during their signups.

Additionally, a "back to campus" photo shoot took place in collaboration with the marketing team. A few members (new and existing) from the club were part of the shoot for the back to campus news article.






The Football Club received a massive number of signups for trials during Freshers Week! They spoke briefly about how this semester is going to look for the team and are looking forward to conducting the try outs and building a stronger team.




This week, our secret society Literary Club opened an exciting new position for an editor! They've also started working on brand new designs fitting to their theme (launching soon). Additionally, they've started preparations to make their taster sessions super exciting for all our freshers!




A competition titled "Freshers Challenge" was announced, for all the freshers at Heriot-Watt University, Dubai. During this competition, one winner of each category (video + photo) wins a cash price of AED 75. The competition is open till the 19th of September and winners will be announced this coming Sunday, The whole team is super thrilled to view all the entries! 





The Music Club started off this week with a very successful online club-signup with over 130 members and counting! We have so many talented people and they really inspire and motivate you to get better at your craft. We as a club are extremely proud of our team and can’t wait to showcase their talent in our upcoming events.




The Table Tennis Club had over twenty students sign up during Freshers Week, and are expecting more people to join through the taster session. As always, feel free to contact them on Instagram: @hwud_tt, Email: ht85@hw.ac.hk, or even in person.






Last week the Volleyball Club introduced the club to their fellow members and got to know more about them. They also had signups for the Taster Sessions taking place on the 19th of September!


That's it from us, stay tuned for the next post!
Council Media Team


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