Watt Weekly #2

Another week, another post of Watt Weekly! Highlights from the past two weeks include Sports Taster Sessions on 19th September, the Council Roadtrip from 20th to 22nd September, and an online event "Talk to Your Council" which took place throughout last week! We received some great feedback and suggestions from the event, which we hope to respond to soon. Now, time for weekly updates from our clubs!


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Drama Club Table Tennis Club
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Lit Club  
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In Week 2, as part of the club’s 2nd session, the members engaged in yet another movie night, where they watched “Captain America: The First Avenger” (2011) as part of the club’s ongoing Marvel Movie Marathon. By the end of week 2, the members of AGC were able to familiarize and get to know each other a little more better, which is what we planned to achieve!

Throughout week 3, a few members of the club took their time to set up the AGC’s official Minecraft server in preparation for their first club session which took place on Wednesday, 2-5 pm. Minecraft is a prominent and favored game in the AGC. The club had a great time starting a new adventure with likeminded people.






Athletics Club


The Athletics Club's first training session was held this week in Dubai American academy on Sunday and Wednesday from 7-9pm. They started off with exercises like jogging, stretches leading to intense work outs like 50-70% strides, 100 meters and 50meters. The freshers were extremely dedicated along with the seniors! The sessions were positive and energetic.





Art Club


On Wednesday, 29th September, the club hosted their first session of the academic year 2021-22 with the topic "crochet" taught by one of the club members - Hana Wazeer. 

In addition, 1st October marked the start of their first event of the year "Inktober" on their Instagram page, @hwu_artclub!






The Badminton Club had an eventful few days. They had a taster session held on the 19th of September at Dubai Sports World, with a whopping 64 students joining them- safe to say, their session was a success! 



They worked with the Media Club during the tasters - so keep your eyes peeled for an amazing collaboration. Here’s a sneak peek!

Click on the picture to view the reel


The sessions for the year have resumed on 30th of September, with the members are warmed up and stoked to step back on the courts, meet the rest of the team and finally play! 





The Cricket Club kicked off their first session on a great note, with the turn up exceeding expectations! The session started off with warmups, and fielding, followed by net practice. The fresher’s and seniors, both, took the opportunity to show off their skills during the session. Overall, it was a great sight to see unity and energy amongst the club members.






Last week the dance club did not host a club session. Instead, they took the initiative to feature a dance cover of their fellow member on their Instagram page They want to make sure that every form of dance in our club is portrayed and appreciated, and so, they decided to show off our members through Instagram reels.

Click on the picture to view the reel




Last week, the Drama Club hosted its first session in person after an absence of 1 and a half years. The turnout was great with all the members enjoying their time. This week's session was based on scriptwriting as the club is actively having an ongoing scriptwriting competition. During the session, members were given important pointers of scriptwriting, and also played loads of fun games which included- one-word story, 2 truths and a lie. The members wrote and acted on short skits. Numan and Clara were the 2 star performers of the day.

Click on the picture to view the video




The Fashion Club had its first session last week.

The session started off with ice breakers, after which, the old club members (senior boys) gave a demonstration of the catwalk. The rest of the week was spent planning for the upcoming sessions.





The Lit Club spent the week working on the upcoming sessions! In addition to the exciting preparation for an ice breaking session and the upcoming Halloween prompt series, the lit club was in the process of selecting their very own editor!

The Lit Club has also been writing for the Blurb magazine, and the members are working for the upcoming issue!




The Music Club had their first session of 2021 last week! The club saw some great diverse talent from the members, new and old. From beatboxing to harmonium players, rapping to cello performers, singing to guitar players, music club had it all. New members of the club had an exciting time socializing and jamming!



Following social distancing guidelines, the club was split into 3 different sessions and every session was unique in its own way with new and old members presenting their talents to the group. A great first week entails a great year ahead!





The Table Tennis Club held their first practice session last week on Sunday. The turnout for the session was impressive with over 30 members showing up, of which, fresher’s being the majority! The new members displayed great enthusiasm in the activities that were planned out. The session started off with some stretching exercises, followed by jogging and sprinting. This helps in getting warmed up for the core practice session ahead. 

For core practice, players were assigned to their respective tables. Each table was attributed to a particular technique, which the players would have to get familiar with by competing with their opponents. COVID-19 protocols were maintained throughout the process, and players were instructed to take off their mask only during play. The club encourages more students to become a part of the club and look forward to the tryouts going to be held this week.





The Tennis Club resumed their sessions from last week.




That's it from us, stay tuned for the next post!
Council Media Team


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