Watt Weekly #3

Bringing you the latest news from the Student Council, Watt Weekly is back!. We have a LOT to share in this article, so let's begin!


Watt was up.

In order to increase engagement amongst the students, and ignite a feeling of competitiveness, a foosball tournament was carried out on the 10th of February. Out of the 16 students that participated, the tournament successfully ended with Ayush Punjabi emerging as the winner.


On the 11th of February, Dr. Ullas Rao held a 30-minute talk, called "Lex(icon) - cutting through the clutter", covering the fascinating whirlwind of the tech-heavy financial world dictating the metaverse generation. The session took place on-campus (Bloomberg Trading Suite) and online (MS Teams), where Dr. Ullas covered various topics such as online finance, crypto and more. After which, there was a 10-minute Q&A segment to answer any questions the students might have.


Watts next?

Last week, the Council announced an exciting scavenger hunt, open to all Heriot Watt students, taking place at Expo 2020, in week 6. As of this week, the Expo Visits have begun! We’re excited to see the photos and videos from students, and how they enjoyed the scavenger hunt! Registrations are still open for DEP, SoSS and SoTD students (as of 16th Febuary 2022), click here to register.

In order to acknowledge and appreciate the contributions and efforts by women in the field of sports, the Student Council took the initiative to celebrate the Women In Sports. This week, the sport’s club sessions will be led by the female representatives from each club to lead their members in their respective field of sports.

A fitness training session, held by Amira Elshandidi, will also be happening in efforts to encourage the women in HWUD to be more engaged with sports. The session will take place on the 17th of February, 2022, from 4-6pm, at room 2.10. If you’re interested and would like to participate, be sure to register by clicking here.

Election season is starting soon, with the Student President Applications opening on the 21st of February! ?? It's going to be a crazy month of campaigning and voting, so stay tuned!


Clubs spotlight

The actors of the Drama Club and the writers of the Literary Club worked together to bring about a beautiful yet tragic play: Tragedia. Almost a year in the making, the play was performed in the Junction Theater, Alserkal Avenue on the 12th and 13th of February! 


The Hawks have done it again! Congratulations to the Dragon Boating Club for securing the runner up position, in the Corporate Plate League. The race took place at the Deira Waterfront Market. 


Lastly, a shoutout to the Anime and Gaming Club, who posted some fun content from their session on campus. Be sure to check out their content by clicking on the picture below!


That's it from us this week, stay tuned for the next post!
Council Media Team



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