Watt Weekly #6

We're BACK with another Watt Weekly (not sure if it can be called a Weekly anymore, considering the last one was a month ago). The past month has been VERY eventful, so without further ado, let's begin!


Club Spotlight

Our social clubs participated in Jashn '22, BITS Pilani Dubai's inter-university fest earlier this month, and won in various categories! 
Photos: Reflexions BPDC, Soham Kakra

Starting with the Drama Club, who won 1st Place in the Drama Category with their play titled "My Dear Mobile Phone". Directed by Irfan Subair and Mira Sivaprasad and written by Irfan Subair, it showcases people's obsession with their mobile phones in a unique way. 
Cast: Vignesh Govindaraju, Khanak Waghnani, Aditya Thite, Aditya Nambiar, Clara Vincent, Megha Bhatia, Jayant Manghwani, Jainth Vikrm, Devyani Sharma, Roshan Suvarna
Make-up Artists: Rameezah and Prerna

Next up, we have our Dance Club. Mira Sivaprasad and Raksha Rajan participated in the Eastern Duet category and the HAWKS Crew won 2nd Place in the Western Group Dance Category.

Last, but definitely not the least, is the Music Club! They participated in the following categories:

Western Solos: Deep Allay and Eva Guidice. Eva won 1st place in this category!


Eastern Solos: Deepangika Pillai and Sailes Jaishankar


Western Duet: Eva Guidice and Siobhan Dourado, who won 1st place in this category!

Eastern Duet: Utkarsh Srivasatava and Sailles Jaishankar

Battle of the Bands: Fatality (Rimmel, Maz, Aditya, Ismail, Shane, Lahenshah)

And from our sports clubs, we have the Athletics Club, who took part in Amity University Dubai's Athletics League this month!



Watt was up.

First up, we have Sports @ Expo, which took place on 4th March at the Sports Fitness and Wellbeing Hub at, you guessed it, EXPO 2020! Students participated in a fun basketball tournament and took part in Cricket Training.
Photos: Megha Bhatia



Watt Sports Cup, our inter-university sports tournament took place from 18th-20th March. Various university teams competed in different sports like athletics, badminton, basketball and many more. To view more photos, visit hwudcouncil.com/photos/wattsportscup22
Photos: Megha Bhatia, Mohammed Abdelrahim, Piya Gehi, Soham Kakra



One of the biggest events of the year, Watt Festival took place at Festival Garden in EXPO 2020! Featuring wonderful performances by various universities, award ceremonies and an afterparty, Watt Festival 2022 was an evening to remember. To view all the photos from the event, visit hwudcouncil.com/photos/wattfestival22
Photos: Omar Khalid, Piya Gehi, Soham Kakra



Lastly, with the Student President and Vice President elections complete, we are excited to announce the Student Council for 2022-2023! They will start their term on June 1st 2022.


That's it from us this week, stay tuned for the next post!
Council Media Team



Soehl Abraham
8:04am on 14 Apr 22 epic !
Soehl Abraham
8:04am on 14 Apr 22 epic !
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