The direct entry heebie-jeebies

Hi there! You look suspiciously like a direct entry kid. It's alright, are you wondering how I could tell? You have fear in your eyes, your fingers tremble and you look mildly nauseous! 

Don't you worry, I was the same less than a year back, are you wondering what changed? I realised each and every composed looking student who had been here before me was somehow as clueless as I was. 

Surprised? I was too, but it's the truth, and one that filled me with relief. Being anxious and feeling ill prepared is natural, and something almost everyone experiences when starting something new (I say almost, because apparently some people actually don't have anxiety. Sounds fake, but okay), it's a tad more draining for us direct entry's. But keep in mind- you're surrounded by people going through the same exact situation. A simple way to ease the stress is to reach out, and I assure you- when you put out your hands in search of a friend, you'll find multiple sets of arms open wide, waiting for you. 

All the faculty are prepared to see your clueless eyes staring at them, and they'll be more than willing to help you in any way you need. You'll always find an odd senior contemplating life here and there, but if you grab a hold of them, they'll help you too!

Safe to say, the university is just a building filled with people ready to accept you and adopt you as their own. You'll soon find yourself relaxing and finding your own little group of people you can vibe with, and they'll fill your days with fun! (Hopefully)

Remember, you are perfect as you are, and you hold the ability to grow with your peers and reach the powered up version of yourself you aim to be (or maybe something else, but whatever you do become, it'll be amazing).


Alia Khan
Media Team


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